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Our Services

SwissIndependent Trustees' offering is distinguished not only by the commitment and dedication of our professional team, but also by the in-depth knowledge of our clients, gleaned over years of working as a trusted partner with them and their families.

We are adept at working with entrepreneurs to grow and protect a new generation of wealth.

Our global network and associations with leading professional advisers, banks and asset managers allow us a broad perspective.

'Your legacy wasn’t built on a short-term view. Neither are our partnerships.'

  • Acting as professional trustees.

  • Administering trusts and companies within the legal framework created by professional advisors.

  • Creating a “Family Office”; an umbrella under which all assets are consolidated and maintained for the benefit of the family and future generations.

  • Incorporating companies and holding structures to own a variety of assets, providing accounting services and conducting the administration thereof.

  • Partnering with other family advisors to create succession planning.

  • Preparing detailed financial statements and reports as required by fiscal authorities.

  • Providing strategic planning, including the administration of complex structures.

Our offering, which hinges on forming trusts and companies and providing advice to help these entities optimise their returns, includes the following additional services:

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